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Carey Williamson (University of Calgary, Canada)

Mary Ellen Zurko (IBM, USA)


Peter Patel-Schneider (Bell Labs Research, USA)

Prashant Shenoy (University of Massachusetts at Amherst, USA)


Browsers and User Interfaces

Track Chair: Rob Miller (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)

Deputy Chair: Xing Xie (Microsoft Research Asia, China)

Data Mining

Track Chair: Roberto Bayardo (Google, USA)

Deputy Chair: Kyuseok Shim (Seoul National University, Korea)


Track Chair: Wolfgang Nejdl (L3S and University of Hannover, Germany)

Deputy Chair: Elisa Bertino (Purdue University, USA)

Industrial Practice and Experience

Track Chair: Mehran Sahami (Google, USA)

Deputy Chair: Kobus van der Merwe (AT&T Labs - Research, USA)

Performance and Scalability

Track Chair: Michele Colajanni (University of Modena, Italy)

Deputy Chair: Martin Arlitt (HP Labs, USA and University of Calgary, Canada)

Pervasive Web and Mobility

Track Chair: Jason Nieh (Columbia University and VMware, USA)

Deputy Chair: Robin Kravets (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)


Track Chair: Andrei Broder (Yahoo! Research, USA)

Deputy Chair: Ronny Lempel (IBM Haifa, Israel)

Security, Privacy, Reliability, and Ethics

Track Chair: Angelos Keromytis (Columbia University, USA)

Deputy Chair: Dan Wallach (Rice University, USA)

Semantic Web

Track Chair: Rudi Studer (University of Karlsruhe and FZI, Germany)

Deputy Chair: Riichiro Mizoguchi (Osaka University, Japan)

Technology for Developing Regions

Track Chair: Krithi Ramamritham (IIT Bombay, India)

Deputy Chair: Kentaro Toyama (Microsoft Research, India)

Web Engineering

Track Chair: San Murugesan (Southern Cross University, Australia)

Deputy Chair: Oscar Pastor Lopez (Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain)

Web Services

Track Chair: Paul Watson (University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)

Deputy Chair: Jim Webber (ThoughtWorks, Australia)

XML and Web Data

Track Chair: Mark Baker (Coactus, Canada)

Deputy Chair: Juliana Freire (University of Utah, USA)


Track Chair: Xiaodong Zhang (Ohio State University, USA)

Deputy Chair: Vova Soroka (IBM Haifa, Israel)

Tutorials and Workshops

Track Chair: Marc Najork (Microsoft, USA)

Deputy Chair: Aya Soffer (IBM Haifa, Israel)

Developers Track

Track Chair: Danny Ayers

Deputy Chair: Mark Nottingham (Yahoo! Inc, USA)

W3C Track

Track Chair: Marie-Claire Forgue (W3C, France)


Unni Soelberg-Claridge, CMP, CMM, ( EventPlan, Calgary, Canada)

Aileen (Boyle) Lozie, B.Comms., ( EventPlan, Calgary, Canada)


Denilson Barbosa (University of Calgary, Canada)

Carole Carlton (iCORE, Calgary, Canada)

Chris Gutteridge (University of Southampton, UK)

Lisa Higham (University of Calgary, Canada) (student travel program)

Gwen Houtzager (University of Calgary, Canada)

Michal Jacovi (IBM Haifa Research Lab, Israel)

Rohit Khare (USA)

Namrata Khemka (University of Calgary, Canada)

Zongpeng Li (University of Calgary, Canada)

Anirban Mahanti (University of Calgary, Canada)

Megabite (Bow River, Banff, Canada)

Camille Sinanan (University of Calgary, Canada)

Sue Williamson (Calgary, Canada)

Nathan Wormsbecker (University of Calgary, Canada)


Coordinator: John Miller (Southern Cross University, Australia)

Paul Bohunsky (Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria)

Ilknur Celik (University of Nottingham, UK)

Susan Chebotariov (UCLA, USA)

Wanda De Verrelle-Hill (Southern Cross University, Australia)

Sebastien Forget (Canada Post, Ottawa, Canada)

Daniel Gill (University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada)

Cynthia Henry (Texas Tech University, USA)

Edward Chong Huang (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China)

Michael Huggett (UBC, Vancouver, Canada)

Sheridan Jeary (Bournemouth University, UK)

Maria Kaceriakova (University of St. Andrews, Scotland)

Dragana Likavec (Fraunhofer Institute, Germany)

Rui Lopes (University of Lisbon, Portugal)

Pablo Lucas (Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland)

Maram Meccawy (University of Nottingham, UK)

Matthew Montebello (University of Malta, Malta)

Patricia Moore (???)

Bang Nguyen (National University of Singapore, Singapore)

Yomi Omogbeja (University of Sheffield, UK)

Phil Petrides (???)

Cyril Schoreels (University of Nottingham, UK)

Giovanni Tummarello (Universita Polytechnica delle Marche, Italy)

Topher White (San Francisco, USA)